FREE Gradient Background RapidWeaver Stack

A FREE gradient background stack for RapidWeaver.

Select either a linear or radial gradient, the first colour and second colour and a fall back colour in case of problems.

I'm not sure how this will work with all the RapidWeaver theme's out there but I do know if works with Joe Workman's Foundation theme.


FREE QR Code RapidWeaver Stack

A FREE QR Code stack for RapidWeaver.

Easily generate QR Codes for URL's, telephone numbers, contact details, email addresses, text and SMS messages.


PHP Password Generator

PHP code for a password generator. You are able to select the password length and whether you would like to include lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters. It's random, so sometimes you see special characters, numbers etc and other times you don't - even if you have those boxes ticked.


Automatically Display Current Copyright Year

PHP and Javascript to automatically display the current year. Ideal for Copyright Footers.

PHP will run server side and Javascript will run client side so will be dependant on the browsers date and time settings.